The hotel Belsoggiorno was established in 1870 on the initiative of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who among other things invented dynamite.

The hotel was initially built to offer coachmen somewhere to stay when Alfred Nobel invited people to his many parties held at Villa Nobel. The hotel became famous and highly esteemed thanks to its beautiful location and its high culinary standard and service. It went so far that the coachmen would even give up their pay if they could just stay at Belsoggiorno. And that’s where the name comes from, in Italian it means “beautiful visits”. Alfred Nobel died in San Remo on December 10, 1896.

When his will was read it turned out that the childless chemist had decided that his enormous fortune should finance the five different Nobel prizes which every year are awarded for scientific discoveries. The hotel could be sold but only on the condition, that it must always carry the name Belsoggiorno.